DeltaWest Energy Ltd.
A Balanced Portfolio With Sustained Growth

Asset Portolio

DeltaWest Energy is working hard to pull together a portfolio of assets that compliment one another in terms of generating strong, low decline production and robust, stable cash flow. DeltaWest is currently active in developing the Doe Creek, Viking and Cardium formations and are in the process of acquiring additional assets that meet our acquisition criteria. See the Operations tab for additional information on our resource plays.

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HSE Stewardship

Health & Safety - At DeltaWest, there is nothing more important to us then the health, wellness and safety of our employees and contractors as well as the residents within the areas in which we operate. Our philosophy is that nothing is so important in that we can’t take the time to do it safely and responsibly from an environmental standpoint.

Environment – Deltawest has been granted a license to operate from the Alberta Energy Board. We take this responsibility very seriously. We understand it’s a privilege to operate in Alberta’s backyard and will strive to implement a high level of environmental stewardship within your communities.

Social Responsibility

When and where possible, DeltaWest Energy will strive to utilize people and services local to the assets in which we operate. We understand the impact oil and gas development can have on communities both positively and negatively. We believe the economic and social positives far outweigh any negatives, especially when a drilling and development program is done properly and the consequent assets are operated with a high level of operational diligence.